Game Changers…

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What makes Revolution Chiropractic different than other offices?

The details! When you come to our office you get specific testing and imaging that pertain to what’s happening with YOUR body and not just a cookie cutter process.

You’ll also experience our Educational Component that within 7-10 minutes teaches you about how your spine and nervous system function together. Research has proven that the more a person understands the healing process, the faster their recovery time. Most chiropractors skip this important part due to laziness (Dr. Barker went to chiropractors for 15 years before learning what we help you understand on your first day!).

And the adjustments are custom tailored to your specific condition – some people enjoy certain kinds of adjustments more than others so we get feedback from you to know how you respond best to treatment. We don’t just give you one-size fits all adjustments – you deserve better than that!