Got masking? Guest Blog from Dr. Chance Billups of Billups Chiropractic-

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Take this pill everyday.


Take this pill forever.


Go see a chiropractor every week.


Go see a chiropractor frequently for a few months.


I wish people had as much gall towards medical doctors as they do chiropractic doctors. You might actually find out the actual risks and side effects of those medications and surgeries.

It’s not enough to just say to yourself “But, I don’t want to take these pills.” That won’t get you anywhere. That’s surrender.

But, I will go ahead and tell you why you should see a chiropractor frequently for a few months before you get on a maintenance care plan of once a week. Because just like a new workout plan or a new diet, Chiropractic works better with a higher frequency of involvement. Your nervous system will quickly fall back into its weak state if we do not act fast and get ahead of the symptoms you experience. If I start you out on a “maintenance plan” at the beginning of care, what are we maintaining….sickness. We are literally maintaining sickness. Your chiropractor is not helping you if you are controlling the frequency and plan of care. Ask questions, yes, so you can understand where your doctors are coming from with recommendations.

What are you maintaining?

What are you overcoming?

What are you masking?