Restoring health as nature intended.

Bonfire Chiropractic’s vision is to create one of the healthiest communities in the world, starting right in the heart of our beautiful Treasure Valley, and to do it affordably.

Our patients come from all stages of life and varieties of health conditions. Our doctor’s gentle, neurologically-based scientific assessment identifies the cause of your discomfort, restoring a sense of well-being and overall quality of life.

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At Bonfire Chiropractic, our team members are just as invested in your health and wellbeing as our doctors. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you walk through your personal journey of wellness!

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Chiropractic During Pregnancy

At Bonfire Chiropractic, our team members are just as invested in your health and wellbeing as our doctors. We look forward to getting to know you and helping you walk through your personal journey of wellness!

“Like a Breath of Fresh Air”

My daughter Brigitte was often inconsolable as a newborn and was quickly diagnosed with Colic. I suffered through her first 4 months of life feeling out of control and guilty that I could not somehow give her any relief…

The results from the adjustments were drastic and noticeable after just two weeks of care. My daughter slept through the night for the first time in over 8 months… I cannot tell you how life changing this has been for her and our family.

Our first visit to Dr Weed was like a breath of fresh air. Finally we had found someone who could offer a treatment plan that made sense… We left our first appointment feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from our shoulders.

~Christy B.

I met the Dr. Barker while in my second trimester of pregnancy with my second child. I stayed quite active for both pregnancies and my body ached and burned in places it never had pre-pregnancy, most notably in my pelvic region. I brought the sharp, burning sensation up to numerous professionals and even searched the internet for ways to relieve the pain. Dr. Barker was the first and only provider to identify and relieve the pain in just one chiropractic session.

I did not receive chiropractic care with my first pregnancy. I knew my body was consistently changing and I accepted that constant lower back and pelvic pain were part of pregnancy. It wasn’t until the first session with Dr. Barker that I was proved wrong. He performed Webster’s technique on me throughout my pregnancy in order to achieve and maintain optimal pelvic alignment and relieve lower back and pelvic pain.

I won’t go into too much detail with the birthing experience except to say I pushed for approximately 2 minutes and my son was born. I can confidently attest that receiving chiropractic care from Dr. Barker during pregnancy made a significant difference in not only the labor and delivery of my child, but in the entire pregnancy experience.

What I appreciate most about Dr. Barker is his compassion for me as a patient, his expertise, and the respect he gave every time I entered his office. I highly recommend his care during pregnancy for any expecting mothers. You too will see his enthusiasm in helping his patients get the most out of chiropractic.

~Sadie B.


Neurologically-based chiropractic

There’s a Revolution in how people approach their healthcare. For decades, the only options people were given were chemical drugs and surgery. But the chiropractic revolution has begun and it’s changing people’s lives.

Misalignments of joints in the body can inhibit the signals the brain is sending to the body through the nervous system. Chiropractic is simply the use of hands to correct misalignments within the spine and other joints of the body. When these corrections are made, the nervous system can go to work and cause the body to heal, just as it is naturally designed to!

At Bonfire Chiropractic, we’re committed to getting to the root cause of your health issues.

High-Quality Digital X-Ray

There’s a saying “To see is to know, to NOT see is to guess.” At Bonfire Chiropractic, we do not guess about your healthcare. That is why our doctors will want to see spinal images prior to your adjustment.


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Dr. Barker

James Barker, DC MS

Dr. Weed

Ryan Weed, DC


Teresa B.

I have been searching for a chiropractor since I moved to this area in 2004. I had used chiropractic care as a staple in the health of my family of 6 children since their births. I have tried a few different chiropractic doctors but have not found one of Dr. Barker’s expertise. Dr. Barker is a very skilled, intuitive, kind and patient practitioner. His staff is professional, friendly and informed. His office is relaxing and clean.

D.C. (pt of Dr. Weed)

I had come to “dead-ends” with traditional medicine approaches for migraines. I had chronic neck pain and mobility problems from hours of practicing my violin. The pain was really dragging me down. …One month into treatments, I feel an inner vitality has been awakened. My energy level in higher. My migraines went from out-of-control to mild.
Thank you!
D. C.


I finally talked my husband into seeing Dr. Weed for his neck issues and we are both so happy that he did. He has noticed he has more energy, wants to be more active and feels better all the way around-not just in his neck. I’ve noticed that he seems much happier and his headaches have disappeared!
Thanks Dr. Weed!

Karen H.

Very, very impressed with Revolution Chiropractic. Dr. Barker brings a strong knowledge of the nerves / nervous system to all aspects of his work. He has all the necessary equipment (x-ray, etc) to effectively diagnose and treat all areas of your body. He uses an integrated approach, is efficient, friendly and easy to talk with. He explains what he's seeing within your system that needs attention, clearly details what will be done to treat your needs, and works with you each step of the way. So very glad I found him!!!


After a year coming to Dr Weed I have never felt better! I came having never seen a Chiropractor and was a skeptic thinking it wouldn’t work for me. Next day?! Whammo, I was a new person. Awesome group of people!
Thank you-Thank you!

Tim H.

When I started going to Revolution chiropractic I was having severe headaches and lower back pain. After a month of weekly visits I no longer suffer from headaches or back pain. I thought at my age it was just my body showing it’s age and I had to put up with it. Dr. Barker is amazing and has me feeling great!


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